Some medical terms for coding

Myometrium: Muscular middle layer of the uterus.

Ovaries: Pair of almond-shaped organs located in the pelvic cavity. Egg cells are formed and stored here.

Ovum: Female egg cell.

Perimetrium: Outer thin layer that covers the surface of the uterus.

Perineum: Pelvic floor in both the male and female. In females it usually refers to the area between the vaginal opening and the anus.

Rectouterine pouch: Pouch between the posterior wall of the uterus and the anterior wall of the rectum.

Uterine (fallopian) tube: Pair of 5-inch tubes, attached to the uterus, that provide a passageway for the ovum to move from the ovary to the uterus. The resource is from Anatomy for medical coding traning institute

Can You Survive In An Online Business?

You can hardly find a successful company these days that do not have a website to promote its services/products online. Some may just provide information and add links to other sites for purchases and location of branches. In order to stay competitive, they have to communicate with today’s audience whose businesses are primarily online

Having an online business means a global opportunity. A global opportunity means twenty four hours, seven days a week and all year round. Think about it, your customers from Colorado might be sleeping, those from Asia would be awake. You have an online business that never sleeps. Imagine that as soon as you wake up, you’ve already made a sale. This is what making money online is all about! However, an online business doesn’t automatically run on its own as many claims that you may have heard. First time customers trust you enough to hand money to you for a product they may have not had a chance to review, smell or touch. These customers have the potential to buy from you again if the first product meets their needs. Any enquiries or requests must be responded to efficiently and professionally.

From time to time, you may want to give them free gifts and send them to a blog that you have personally written. Don’t sell them something every time or they will feel harassed and unsubscribe immediately. They started out as strangers. Treat them as friends. Address them by their first name in all emails and be informal. They want to feel that you are talking to them personally. You need to build a relationship.An online business must be manned by reliable staff at all times, to maintain existing customers and to keep a close watch on potential business.

Communication is the key managing an online business. Using email and instant messaging as a form of communication between you and your staff will surely be beneficial. There are also different technologies such as the VoIP that enables you to talk with your business partners and your staff from all over the world quite easily.

If you are running the business alone, you won’t need to have to go through the trouble of organizing meetings with your business partners regularly. If you do have partners and they are based on the other side of the world, you can save time and effort by having an an online conference. This will eradicate the need for physical space and manual preparations.

How do you market your online products? How do customers from another country find you? There are countless ways to promote your site. Some are free and some are not. In a good business, marketing budget should be allocated to allow you to maximize your exposure. One of the best pay per click (PPC) sites is Google Adwords. You do need to monitor it closely to see how it performs and tweak the ads or keywords to improve it if it is not performing.

It is also a good idea to write blogs in popular blog sites such as Blogger, WordPress or Hubpages. These sites get indexed by many SEOs and once they pick up your articles and backlinks linking back to your site, this can help increase your ranking on the search engines. Once you have established yourself on blogs, you would want to start writing press releases and articles and submit them to thousands of online articles publishers. One of the most effective article submitter is ArticleMarketer.

How do your customers perceive your brand? Another way to survive online is to build up your brand! People who visit your site always want to know how your products have helps hundreds of others like them. Testimonials are important as a positive product review, especially if the review comes with a face, name and location. Yes, brand is important even though you’re on the Internet. Building your brand means providing good products, fast services, and pleasant experiences to your customers. Remember, words spread like forest fire on the Internet. If you have one customer who had a not-so-good time in dealing with your online business and spreads the rumor, then chances are your name AND business will be ruined.

Your website is the face of your online business. There is no salesman to explain to you about the products you offer. No human interaction exists on the internet. Prospects are faced with just words and graphics to hold their attention. It is important to keep your website easy to navigate, attractive to look and fast to download. People don’t like to wait for pictures to appear. If they get impatient, it is only too easy for them to click the close button and forget about you! Making money online is not for everyone. It does take a lot of commitment and patience to learn all the tricks that bring in the sales but for those who do take the time and put in the effort required, this may well be the best decision they even made in their lives.

Online Business and Stage Fright

If you’re a person who hates to even think about getting up on stage and performing for an audience, you may have some understanding of what it is like for some to consider starting their own online business. Having a website or starting an online business is…scary business. As easy as it is to start a money-making endeavor online, moving it in the right direction, sourcing, out-sourcing, marketing, promotion, advertising, content development, product development, forming affiliation…the likes, it’s a lot for one person to take on.

But it’s not impossible.

I was a performer before I was an online business owner, so I can assure you that I’ve had my fair share of stage frights. In an experience of stage fright, there are two dynamics at work. One is the desire to ‘perform'; the other is the fear that works in the opposite direction, stopping the performer from moving forward.

The Four Essential Ds for an online business owner

The idea of an online business is a good one for individuals who are gifted and have the four Ds. The four Ds are Desire, Do-It, Determination and Destination.

When the online business owner has all the above four ingredients, I can assure you that he/she have all the right stuff to make it in the online business world. However, I would like to note that there are many in this world who possesses the above and yet don’t seriously consider the idea of making money online because they fear the stage…which is the Internet. The fear far outweighs the potential in the minds of these individuals. I don’t blame them. The internet provides them a bigger-than-usual stage as compared to a brick-and-mortar business. Matters become even more twisted if that person has never owned a business, much less an online one, to begin with.

Stop moving the timeline

The first thing that person needs to do is to stop moving the timeline. For example, Paul may have a great idea about starting an online business. While still keeping his regular salary-paying sales job, he throws himself completely into coming up with a plan for an online business and gives himself six months to do it. Despite the great plan, what Paul sees in front of him is a whole line of obstacles he has to go through before his dream of ever owning an online business of his own will come true. Without his knowing, he is mentally pushing his own ‘three month’ timeline forward. He gets a promotion, he sidelines his ‘project’. He finds a girlfriend, his plans gets booted backwards again. His car needs fixing, he forgets his online business plan. Hence, in this situation, you can see how Paul’s great online business plan is bound for failure.

I can tell you that if Paul doesn’t do something about his online business plan right NOW, he would hit fifty and think about those great plans that he made back then and label the plan as something that ‘could have been’.

And it’s a pity because it’s just a matter of stage fright.

Stage Fright Peels away once you’re on the stage

What Paul doesn’t see or is willing to see is this…like stage fright, you forget about it when you’re on stage! You could be shaking and quivering back stageand the butterflies in your tummy really bothers you but the moment you step on stage and put your heart into it, everything else, all those fears, peels away. Forgotten because you’re already in motion.

Bottom line is, I don’t want you to be Paul. If you have a fabulous idea that you think you want to bring online, I suggest that you make the plan and do it now. The stage is yours.

Tips for a Successful Online Business

The advancement of the Internet is the reason for the emergence of a successful online business and other online opportunities. What’s more, these business opportunities are being offered to people around the world. And because the set up of these businesses only require small capital, it’s not questionable why the interests involved are quite high. Like with any other regular businesses, there are a few important rules for making your online business a success:

Firstly, by learning about the business rules which are listed below, you will be able to lead a very profitable online business.

1. Bear in mind that even if the business is online-based, it will still require time and hard work.

In the world of the internet, have you heard of people who became millionaires in just a short span of time? Well, you must know that you can also achieve this feat with your online business, however, do not assure yourself that doing business online is an easy and quick way to get rich because you will just be disappointed in the end. If you want to earn money, you must work to earn it.

2. Learn more about your products and the market.

Make time to know about the market, the benefits and features of your products, the strong and weak points of the competition online, your niche market and the place online where they mostly come together. Also, gain knowledge from successful business people to avoid committing mistakes while you work online.

3. Promote your products or website.

You can find many ways of advertising online. However, since these are free, you can’t be so sure of their effectiveness. While there are also various paid advertisements, their efficiency will still depend on the kind of products that you are selling as well as your target market.

Try to reserve some budget just for the advertising every month. Stick to your allotted budget so you will avoid over-spending. Remember, if you will not advertise or promote your products, it is impossible to be have a successful online business.

4. Trace your advertising.

Each time you sold something, you have to know how that buyer found you. Was it through reference? Via search engines, or through the method that you’ve used for promotion like article marketing? Where have these customers come from?

There are several ways in which you can track your customers like the stat counters, tracking systems, and through your own server logs. This is one of the wonderful benefits of an online business, there are lots of ways in which you can know how your customers have found their way to your website. Though, this is helpful for getting more customers, only a few business owners use them.

5. Be in contact with your customers.

Finally, the automation level of the web makes it extremely simple to stay in touch with both the existing and prospective customers. It is important to be in contact with your customers so get in touch with them through delivering informative or promotional emails or newsletters that emphasize recent promotions, discounts, and special bonuses too.

Keep in mind that, it takes more to look for new customers, so, in the first place, you should never overlook your present customers as they are your current source of income. Take care of them and make sure that they are happy. If your customers are happy with you, it is one indication of a successful online business.

Popular Online Business Opportunities You Should Consider

More people are taking the dip into online business and abandoning the huge corporations with overwhelming superiors and unearthly hours. Some people want to spend more time at home with their families while the others are trying to escape the corporate world. There are some popular online business opportunities you should consider simply because they can provide you with huge amounts of flexibility and they mean good pay as well. Although there is multitude of different online business opportunities available, not everyone would be suitable for the same business opening. Listed below are some of the most popular online business opportunities that you should consider for your online business.


One great online business opportunity is blogging. You can actually make money while blogging; contrary to many peoples belief that blogging can only be counted on as an avenue to release their feelings and thoughts on the net. On top of doing some blogging for money, which is becoming a big online market, the simplest way to bring in income is by putting AdSense in your blog so you get paid when people click on them. Therefore, the more hits you receive on your blog site, the more money u stand to earn!

Online Stores

With online stores, numerous items of merchandise can be purchased and turned over online for a decent profit, which can actually generate a huge deal of income. That is why many people are finding that having online stores is a great online business income opportunity. It would be surprising to find out that products you may discover for a dollar or two at a junk sale could be sold for huge profits online. No wonder the saying goes “someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure”. Some excellent platforms to start these businesses are eBay and Amazon. The beauty of this kind of trade is that you can purchase items from wholesalers and then raise the price at your own store for a profit.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are one of the most popular online business income opportunities. In return for a specific commission, these programs allow you to do the marketing for numerous companies. You can choose to set up various advertisements on your site and/or on other sites to market the goods or services of someone else. You will then get a percentage of what they pay whenever people go through you to buy these products. Almost anyone can excel at this type of online business, as this can be an extremely simple way to work from home.

Finding something you enjoy doing is important when searching for the best online-based business income opportunities. There are different opportunities to look into and choose from and some of the outstanding online business opportunities that are there for the taking. Some opportunities may not appeal to you considering every person is different. However, you can choose from the numerous opportunities and work to achieve your own success now if and only if you are ready to start work and motivate yourself enough into becoming your own boss.